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Dancing Shoes

I have become a collector of hearts, but I do not collect just any hearts. They are gifts from my daughter, Danielle. Each is like a time capsule, capturing a memory from her youth. One is a foil heart. She added two colors of ink to make it extra pretty. Yet another is a heart-shaped… Continue reading Dancing Shoes


Leaning In and Out: A Widow’s Journey Beyond Fear

I sat at my kitchen table, staring into space as my brother packed to visit my sister. He spent two weeks with me following the death of my sweet husband, Sam. My fears realized, it was time to lean in even harder to the Lord. “Are you going to be okay?” my brother said before… Continue reading Leaning In and Out: A Widow’s Journey Beyond Fear

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A Roaring Lion

Eating Disorder A few years ago, as I wrote about in my last post, I experienced a season of one difficult situation after another. During that time, eating became an issue. Some people stress-eat. You know them, the ones who in stressful times are always hungry or want chocolate. During my stressful season, I became… Continue reading A Roaring Lion

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His Hope in the Darkness: Moving Beyond Fear

Moving Beyond Fear Two and a half years ago, I faltered under the weight of anxiety and depression and couldn't imagine a life where moving beyond fear was possible. My marriage teetered on the edge. Night terrors and flashbacks due to childhood trauma and sexual abuse plagued my nights and crept into my days. I… Continue reading His Hope in the Darkness: Moving Beyond Fear

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When We Give Our Fears to God: A Mother’s Journey

There are few sounds like that of a mother crying over her child. A heart-broken mother, a terrified mother, a lost, angry, confused and wounded mother holds nothing back but weeps out grief in anguished sobs that come from deep within her DNA. Where is God? How could this be His plan? The pain can… Continue reading When We Give Our Fears to God: A Mother’s Journey

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Why We’re Afraid to Explore Our Faith

My sweet mama. All my life, she’s been my spiritual mentor. A spiritual giant really. She’s been my Sunday School teacher and my Bible drills instructor. We’ve read a yearly Bible reading plan together. She served as the women’s ministry director at her church the same time I held the same role at mine. Often,… Continue reading Why We’re Afraid to Explore Our Faith

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A Baby Step of Faith

Crunching numbers has never been my strong suit. As a word person, and not a math person, I avoid it when possible. When I reflect on it, however, I realize how important numbers have been on my personal journey to faith beyond fear. Eleven years ago, I gave birth to my first daughter. When she… Continue reading A Baby Step of Faith


Expected Visitor: A Devotional of Faith Beyond Fear

Expected Visitor Jenny expected a visitor, so as moonbeams danced through the curtains, she welcomed the day. She sipped cocoa, rocked in her easy chair, and thanked God for His Word. Her Bible was to her the best love-letter ever; each promise masterfully written for her. She thought about the Bible Study she attended two… Continue reading Expected Visitor: A Devotional of Faith Beyond Fear

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Prison of Shame

Prison of Shame Y’all. We all struggle with it. Most of us have been motivated by it a time or two, and if we’re honest, we’ve used it to motivate others too. It’s a silent, dark prison many of us struggle to break free from. I’m talking about shame. From its earliest appearance in the… Continue reading Prison of Shame

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When I Run from My Fears

Runners know the inherent dangers of the sport. While we all face the possibility of injury, individual runners also grapple with location-based hazards. I’m a Florida-based runner, which means every so often, I run past signs like this one: As a friend of mine likes to point out, that sign is obviously meant for out-of-towners,… Continue reading When I Run from My Fears