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A Roaring Lion

Eating Disorder

A few years ago, as I wrote about in my last post, I experienced a season of one difficult situation after another. During that time, eating became an issue. Some people stress-eat. You know them, the ones who in stressful times are always hungry or want chocolate. During my stressful season, I became a stress no-eater.  In two months, I lost over fifty pounds, and an eating disorder became part of my life.

I had a group of people who brought judgment and condemnation into my life.  In their defense, they cared, but they missed the mark in loving and encouraging me during that season.  The enemy took the opportunity to steal, kill, and destroy–the very thing he was purposed to do!  In this place of condemnation, the enemy delighted in stealing my joy, killing my self-confidence and destroying my relationships.

The enemy took the opportunity to steal, kill, and destroy–the very thing he was purposed to do! - Karen Smith Click To Tweet


Eating disorder recovery ushered in a  season of insecurity. Fear of what others thought and said about me paralyzed me. Suddenly, I no longer felt comfortable in my skin. I didn’t want to be in public. Instead of church being a safe place, it became a place of judgement and attending became pure torture. Paralyzed and unable to function, I wanted to stay inside the security of my own home.

A confident girl, insecurity was not a characteristic I previously possessed. Years before, I’d received the nickname “Spunky” from a pastor I worked with. I had much spunk until the enemy used an eating disorder to take away my spunk and filled me with insecurity.

It was not the life I wanted. I was miserable.

The enemy had succeeded by stealing my confidence and plaguing me with insecurity.

If I needed forgiveness in my heart, I prayed God would usher it in. I asked for the cause of my insecurities to be removed from my life.

I prayed boldly, but insecurities did not flee.

It was a point I wrestled over with God often. After years, notice I said years, of praying, God finally answered. I haven’t entirely left the world of insecurity, but His word to me was precisely what I needed to begin overcoming insecurity.

Amos 3:8 (NLT), “The Lion has roared—so who isn’t frightened?  The Sovereign Lord has spoken—so who can refuse to proclaim His message?”

Amos 3:8, Karen Smith, Faith Beyond Fear, faithbeyondfear.com

Here I am reading in a minor prophet  not expecting God to have a word for me when this Scripture pops right off the page. I felt God nudge my heart. He whispered into my ear as I read the verse. I felt God say, “Every time you feel that sense of insecurity, I want you to imagine the Lion of Judah roaring!”  Then He asked, “What happens when a lion roars?”

I thought about sweet little rabbits and how they may respond to a lion roaring. Those cute bunnies would run and hide. As this thought came to my mind, God whispered once again. “That’s what insecurities do when the Lion of Judah roars.”

When insecurities arise, imagine a roaring lion, then stand and watch the insecurities flee.

Karen Smith, Roaring Lion, Faith Beyond Fear, faithbeyondfear.com

When insecurities arise, imagine a roaring lion, then stand and watch the insecurities flee. - Karen Smith Click To Tweet

Now, move forward.

Gain confidence again.

Insecurity has no hold in your life anymore.

When it tries to invade, imagine the roaring lion.

What insecurities paralyze you and keep you from walking in the fullness of who God has called you to be? Insecurities are fueled by fear.  Here at Faith Beyond Fear, we encourage you to reach beyond your fears into your faith in Christ.

How can we pray for you as you call on the Lion of Judah to roar and watch your insecurities disappear?

Karen Smith, Contributing Writer, Faith Beyond Fear, faithbeyondfear.com

Karen Smith, Contributing Writer

Karen lives in Madison, Alabama with her husband and three children.  Karen graduated in 1996 from Ouachita Baptist University in Arkadelphia, AR.  Karen has served as Preschool and Children’s Pastor and has been involved in women’s ministry for many years leading small groups, making hospital visits, organizing retreats, and encouraging the hearts of women. Karen now blogs at Glimpses of Faith and Struggles.  What started out communicating medical facts, has become a place where Karen uses life experiences to encourage others in their life journey.  When she’s not busy caring for her family or writing, you might find her cooking or crafting. You can find Karen online at FacebookTwitterInstagram, and A Wife Like Me, a website dedicated for encouraging wives in their marriages.

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